Hey, my Millennial Canines and Felines lovers, something enticing just hit us so hard. Guess what? There is now a John Wick collection of apparel that will sweep you off your feet. Do you remember that our parents had Delta Force and 007 to enjoy when they were younger? Now we have John Wick and guess what the movie has been a successive hit each year that it is dropped. Does it ring a bell, just in case you don't know, following the same careful and meticulous way the John Wick Movie is been cast and directed, our Dog and Cat Wick collection of Tops are also a hit in the Paw Paw shop, they are carefully tailored to speak in volumes that which Wick lover will love to say through their appearance.

The John Wick movie is a very interesting movie that features our Guy Keanu Reeves in a series of adrenaline pumping action scenes, is it the plot, the story line or the graphics? Everything about this movie is on point. Of course, we know about how it is said that John Wick ended the lives of three of his enemies with a Pencil. That guy is crazy, but guess what, so many Feline and Canines love him. You know that we have the inscription "Kill you with a pencil" on our tops accompanied by your favorite Canine and Feline Characters.

With our Dog and Cat Wick collection of clothes, you are going to be the new “Baba Yaga”. You are going to slay and turn necks as you step out in this collection of tops. With your favorite Movie and movie quotes boldly written on your T-shirts, you can now express yourself in a cheeky and trendy way. There are lots of options to choose from including T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, and Mugs. Yeah at the moment we can’t say what will be added to the collection, but just be sure that you are going to be happy with whatever you get.

Paw Paw has handpicked and knitted the best fabrics to give you a collection of apparel that are premium quality and best fitted, bringing you comfort, crisp freshness, and style. Just like the Gamers and TMNT collections, this collection is something that you can wear out to the beach, to a house party, hang out with friends or any other casual event and still attract all the attention to yourself, they come in amazing colors that will attract the love and admiration that exists in anywhere you find yourself. Talking about the colors, I just want to let you know that this collection is for both boys and girls, so ladies, you are no left behind, shop and express yourself, Canine and Feline lovers are a special type of teens and require special types of apparels.

They are super affordable so that you can pick as many as you want for yourself and your special band of Canine and Feline lovers. Step out in style, step out in Class, with the Dog and Cat wick collection, you can never get it wrong.

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