Cut & Sew Garments

Cut & Sew Garments

Our cut & sew garments include leggings, skirts, dresses, swimwear, rash guards, sports bras, sweatshirts and shirts. Each garment is individually all-over sublimation printed, precision-cut, and hand-sewn by our in-house team.

Sublimation printing

Graphics are printed onto sublimation paper using specialty inks. Fabric is placed between two sheets of sublimation paper and goes through a heat press. The heat then transforms the sublimation ink into a gas that gets absorbed into the fabric.

Cut & sew

After a graphic is printed onto the fabric, the shape of the garment is precision-cut and hand-sewn with industrial sewing machines. This ensures a consistent all-over print and durable construction.
  • Mimaki series printer and inks
  • Fabric is a mix of cotton and nylon thread for maximum elasticity
  • Sublimation inks are biodegradable and CPSIA compliant


Cut & sew garments are placed in see-through polymer bags and into a mailer, or box for larger quantities.